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Published May 21, 2021
Published May 21, 2021
Yumee X Jason Wu

The May 20 Double Seventh Festival (Qixi Festival), also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, is a traditional Chinese festival based on a romantic legend about a weaver girl and an oxherd. May 20 has a phonetic connection to the phrase “I Love You” in Mandarin and is a much-anticipated date in the Chinese calendar, especially for millennials and Gen Z. Traditionally this date is celebrated by people gifting each other and enjoying experiences together—today, the notion of “love” takes on a wider significance.

Wendy Yu, a leading fashion financier, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and Artistic Director of Yumee, shared insight on the holiday: “Self-love and sharing love in our communities has never been more relevant, and I think this is why our Chinese “I love you day” has become so popular. After such a challenging period around the world and so much isolation, it’s a day that brings joy and people together.”

520 Chinese Valentine’s Day has become an integral part of brands’ China promotional marketing calendars, leveraging the theme of “love” with traditional Chinese elements and trending social media topics to capture the gift-giving opportunity associated with the holiday. The gift economy in China is constantly evolving as e-commerce platforms provide convenience in the purchasing of gifts, but they are also marketing machines leveraging holidays to drive sales. According to Azoya, the willingness to send gifts during China’s Valentine’s Day gift-giving will reach 82% in 2021.

Yu launched Yumee as a globally positioned luxury makeup brand with the aim of leading the next generation of Chinese beauty, where modern makeup marries elevated artistry with the kind of skin-improving performance expected from cutting-edge skincare. Yumee launched in Mainland China on RED on February 5, 2020, followed by WeChat and Tmall.

In celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day, Yumee launched a limited-edition Yumee x Jason Wu Beauty Clutch containing a set of six signature Tassel Matt Lipsticks in a Jason Wu Beauty Clutch that reflects a shared feminine, refined, and sophisticated ethos between the two founders. The product design conveys the sophistication and style synonymous with high fashion; intricate gold and environmentally friendly faux leather (derived from biomass) detailing are reminiscent of haute couture leather goods. The charms and oversized tassels turn the products themselves into highly desirable fashion accessories fit for a dressing table or handbag.

Yu said of the collaboration, “Yumee is a beauty brand proudly ‘created in China’ and for our first collaboration, therefore, it was important to me to work with a designer who shares our roots. Jason and I are great friends, we have the same passion for creativity, fashion and Chinese culture. Launching on Chinese Valentine’s day is symbolic of celebrating the power of beauty in honor of love and unity.”

The collaboration will be supported by a five-day marketing campaign focused on the importance of loving others, but also loving yourself, and inspired by advice Yu received from Diane Von Furstenberg.

“I remember Diane von Furstenberg said to me when we first met that our most important relationship should be with ourself and that we need to be our own best friend and soul mate to feel complete on our own accord. This doesn’t mean that romance is not important, on the contrary, we are likely to have more meaningful relationships if we are happy and accepting of ourselves.” Yu continued, “For me personally, my commitment to love also goes further in that I feel a responsibility to share love with the world on a humanitarian level, hence why Jason and I have partnered with China Institute as part of our collaboration to unite as part of the wider Asian community.”

Wendy is both an investor and a luxury consumer, providing her a unique perspective and understanding of global markets; she noticed there was a gap in the market with luxury C-beauty brands that have a global presence. While her career began with a fashion focus, she said, “I’ve always been equally passionate about Beauty. I consider myself to be the ultimate beauty consumer and have a genuine love of beauty products; I have tried and tested products from around the world, so I know what’s available in the market and understand the competitive landscape.”

Her vision for Yumee is to be a global leader and pioneer in C-beauty, renowned for its quality and its exploration of Chinese heritage and values, setting a new benchmark also for C-creativity and C-craftsmanship. She believes that true luxury lasts and is not disposable.

The collaboration is exclusively available to purchase on Yumee’s Tmall store and is priced at $305. The brand projects to see sales double this month driven by the promotion. Yumee is also donating $10,000 to the China Institute, whose mission is to support cross-cultural understanding between the US and China through arts and culture, business programs, and classroom learning. Both Wendy and Jason have previously been honored by China Institute for their leading contributions to the fashion industry and influence on Chinese culture. The funds will support public programming to showcase Chinese fashion, design, and creativity at the China Institute.


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