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Embrace Your Power: A New Age for Avon

Published February 7, 2023
Published February 7, 2023

In the 136 years since David H. McConnell founded Avon, the cosmetics company has achieved many things. Throughout significant events in history, including World War I and the Spanish Flu, the brand has encouraged female entrepreneurs to stand on their own two feet and earn an independent income through its door-to-door selling program. After being acquired by Natura &Co. in 2019, Avon appointed the creative agency Free The Birds to work on its brand identity and packaging aesthetics to keep up with the modern, evolving consumer. Four years later, Avon has partnered with Wunderman Thompson UK to complete its rebranding, debuting its "Embrace Your Power" campaign.

The new brand positioning, "Embrace Your Power," was created to reflect the company's belief that every woman is born with her own unique power, but gender inequality suppresses her ability to truly showcase her potential. As reported by Avon, given the rate of progress at which the world is moving, it could take over 300 years to achieve full gender equality. The new slogan hopes to speed this process up, encouraging women to push through inequality and perform to the best of their ability.

As part of the “Embrace Your Power” campaign, Avon is celebrating women they feel are using the full potential of their strengths, featuring them in the brand's first TV advertisement in two years. The debut advertisement  features London-based musician Hamzaa, who uses her talent for beatboxing to tell the story of how she found her voice and confidence. In the ad, Hamzaa is seen using Avon's new Hydramatic Matte Lipstick―a matte lipstick with a hydrating hyaluronic acid core―which already has numerous customers on a waiting list for purchase. The ad’s hopes uplift women and create an association of powerful women using a powerful product. Upcoming renditions of the campaign will feature women with job roles such as an art restorer and an astronomer.

Avon created the ad in collaboration with WPP media agency Wavemaker UK. The visual is scheduled to air during popular British TV programs such as Love Island in the hopes of capturing the attention of its target audience. "Avon is such an iconic beauty brand, and we are delighted to support its return to TV. This transition will help to open up a whole new world for customers who wish to access Avon's quality products, and we look forward to continuing on this brilliant journey with the team, driving brand and sales growth," comments Sian Runnacles, Client Managing Partner at Wavemaker UK.

The “Embrace Your Power” advertising strategy hopes to emphasize that it is now easier than ever to shop for Avon products, available through independent reps in person or online. Avon recognizes consumers' financial uncertainty and hopes its new branding strategy will encourage more women to become representatives. The brand also believes that allowing women to build their confidence while earning some extra income (at least 20% commission on each product they sell) is a business model that has been proven to work effectively, with no plans for adjustments of the way the brand is marketed in the near future. The campaign is also scheduled to run across social media platforms, including TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as being promoted by influencers.

"Our ambition was to transform Avon, a global beauty movement with a long and illustrious heritage, and we've achieved that with the 'Embrace your Power' platform. From a refreshed visual identity to introducing inspirational figures across our TV adverts, social channels, and brochures, all demonstrating how women have realized their inner power," adds Kristof Neirynck, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Avon.

Avon Embrace Your Power

These examples are just a few of Avon's efforts to connect with its consumers as beauty and society evolve hand in hand. In 2020, Avon opened a physical store after recognizing the struggle for brand representatives who were no longer allowed to sell door to door as a result of the pandemic. Studio 1886, named in homage to the year Avon was founded, allowed customers to engage with the brand at a restricted time while following social distancing guidelines. "Studio 1886 will showcase Avon's growing commitment to bringing customers and Avon Representatives the top trends and innovation in beauty while driving engagement," Avon CEO Paul Yi said at the time.

Avon is an example of a strong brand that knows how to reinvent itself with changing times, adapting to consumer needs and demands. The brand has pioneered justice and gender equality for over a century, and still today continues to encourage and uplift women with its business approach. In addition to its effective strategy, the brand is also enabling women to gain financial independence, while allowing them to be part of a community of strong females. It is clear that whatever the future holds for Avon, its core values will always be kept in mind as the company continues to develop.


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