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The Beauty Brands and Influencers That Ruled TikTok in 2023

Published January 18, 2024
Published January 18, 2024
Brian Asare via Unsplash

Each year, online beauty destination Cosmetify provides insight into the beauty brands and influencers that gained the most traction in the past twelve months. While reports previously followed an analysis of Instagram and YouTube followers, engagement, and Google searches, this year focuses on TikTok success stories. Cosmetify's Most Popular Beauty Brands and Influencers 2023 report looked at data regarding followers, like count, and number of views across several beauty brands on TikTok. Huda Beauty was named the hottest beauty brand, The Ordinary was the biggest skincare brand, and Kylie Jenner was the most popular influencer. BeautyMatter breaks down the other key findings:

Hottest Beauty Brands on TikTok

  • Huda Beauty: 8.7 million followers, 187.2 million likes, 5.7 billion hashtag views
  • Rare Beauty: 3.5 million followers, 50.3 million likes, 7.7 billion hashtag views
  • Florence by Mills: 3.4 million followers, 59.8 million likes, 2.9 billion hashtag views
  • Fenty Beauty: 2.5 million followers, 48.8 million likes, 3.9 billion hashtag views
  • Kylie Cosmetics: 3.3 million followers, 26.7 million likes, 3.9 billion hashtag views
  • e.l.f Cosmetics: 1.5 million followers, 20.7 million likes, 1.9 billion hashtag views
  • Charlotte Tilbury: 1.3 million followers, 13.1 thousand likes, 3.8 billion hashtag views
  • NYX Professional Makeup: 942.8 thousand followers, 10.1 million likes, 1.8 billion hashtag views
  • Morphe: 1.2 million followers, 13.2 million likes, 1.2 billion hashtag views
  • Maybelline: 747.2 thousand followers, 4.5 million likes, 7.2 billion hashtag views

The 2023 report highlighted the dominance of celebrity beauty brands over TikTok, with the top five brands being spearheaded by well-known names including Millie Bobby Brown and Selena Gomez. Huda Kattan's Huda Beauty was once again the reigning beauty brand on social media, carrying the title over from last year's report, which focused on the top brands on Instagram and showcased the business' continuing influence in the industry. 2022's rising star, Charlotte Tilbury (which saw a 6.5 million increase in searches to 15.5 million year over year 2021–2022), made its way onto the TikTok hottest brands list, cementing the brand's attention among app users.

Despite Morphe announcing the closure of all its US branches and switching to online only in January of 2023, the brand still made its mark among TikTok beauty fans and secured a ninth place in the top ten—suggesting that the number of retail stores does not impact TikTok traffic.

TikTok Shop, the app's selling system, also played a part in amplifying beauty brand sales in 2023. Through TikTok Shop, the platform expands its business strategy with tools and technology to become a shopping marketplace with aspirations to rival Amazon. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which currently has over 50 billion views, helped to fuel the platform's reputation for influencing product discovery and driving sales. With TikTok Shop, even the smallest brands have the opportunity to make sales and build a loyal customer base.

Biggest Skincare Brands on TikTok

  • The Ordinary: 1.1 million followers, 13.3 million likes, 3.4 billion hashtag views
  • CeraVe: 1.3 million followers, 5.5 million likes, 8.8 billion hashtag views
  • Nivea: 1.1 million followers, 5.6 million likes, 4.1 billion hashtag views
  • Drunk Elephant: 873.6 thousand followers, 5.7 million likes, and 3.2 billion hashtag views
  • Glow Recipe: 737.8 thousand followers, 8.6 million likes, 1.3 billion hashtag views
  • Kylie Skin: 997.2 thousand followers, 7 million likes, 1.1 billion hashtag views
  • The INKEY List: 463.7 thousand followers, 10.8 million likes,  1.2 billion hashtag views
  • Sol de Janeiro: 928.7 thousand followers, 12.3 million likes, 811.6 million hashtag views
  • Kiehl's: 150.3 thousand followers, 3.1 million likes, 1.5 billion hashtag views
  • CosRX: 187.1 thousand followers, 1.3 million likes, 4.4 billion hashtag views
  • Caudalie: 487.7 thousand followers, 3 million likes, 555.5 million hashtag views

Dermatology-focused skincare brands are leading the top ten on TikTok, including The Ordinary and CeraVe, often hailed for their efficacious products at a low price point. Drunk Elephant, Sol de Janeiro, and Glow Recipe trended throughout the year. This can be accredited to TikTok's predominant user generation, Gen Z, which comprise 60% of the app's audience and build a core part of each brand’s fanbase. Gen Z's interest in skincare took over TikTok in 2023, as 75% reported having a dedicated skincare routine, leaving #genzskincare with 21.1 million views. Gen Z's skincare obsession has even been passed down to Gen Alpha, with consumers as young as ten being dubbed "Sephora Kids," accompanied by several videos of the generation rushing through the store to get their hands on names including Drunk Elephant and Sol de Janeiro.

Most Popular Influencers on TikTok

  • Kylie Jenner: 54.4 million followers, 1.2 billion likes, $89,071 estimated earnings per video 
  • James Charles: 38 million followers, 1.2 billion likes, $60,732 estimated earnings per video
  • Abby Roberts: 16.6 million followers, 1.5 billion likes, $26,597 estimated earnings per video
  • Mari Maria: 24.8 million followers, 609 million likes, $39,633 estimated earnings per video
  • Meredith Duxbury: 18.6 million followers, 692 million likes, $29,751 estimated earnings per video
  • Brooke Ashley Hall: 14.4 million followers, 601 million likes, $22,472 estimated earnings per video
  • Nikita Dragun: 14.4 million followers, 288.2 million likes, $23,120 estimated earnings per video 
  • Bianca: 11.9 million followers, 573.6 million likes, $19,019 estimated earnings per video
  • Holly Murray: 10.3 million followers, 257.3 million likes, $16,519 estimated earnings per video
  • Emmy Combs: 9.7 million followers, 289.2 million likes, $15, 541 estimated earnings per video

The biggest TikTok influencer in 2023 was Kylie Jenner, who knocked James Charles from his 2022 top spot, which was accumulated based on YouTube subscribers, estimated earnings per YouTube video, Instagram followers, and Instagram earnings per post. TikTok's list shows that users like influencers who do more than just beauty, as demonstrated by Abby Roberts, who has made her name as a musician yet continues to explore makeup through her TikTok page. Meredith Duxbury is another notable name for those looking for more than just makeup, because the creator often turns to skits and comedy within her content. The list suggests consumers are now turning to influencers from all avenues, ranging from strictly MUA-focused to wider-industry fan bases.


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