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Published September 27, 2022
Published September 27, 2022
Huda Beauty

Influencer marketing is no doubt a huge industry with ample opportunities. With 67% of consumers turning to celebrities and influencers before purchasing products, the beauty industry has received an average of £8.81 for every £1 spent on influencers. This year, the global influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $15 billion, a $1.2 billion increase from 2021. In recent years, Cosmetify has released data exploring the wealthiest beauty Instagram and YouTube influencers, with the likes of Huda Kattan and James Charles regularly floating around the top spot. This year, Cosmetify has rolled out the Beauty Influencer Rich List for 2022, revealing which influencers consumers and brands were invested in the most over the past 12 months.

Knocking Kattan off the top spot, Safiya Nygaard is at the top of the list , with the highest combined earnings across all social media platforms. A single post on YouTube is estimated to earn the influencer $187,917. It is interesting to see Nygaard overtake Kattan, as Nygaard has 5,000,000 less followers than Kattan across Instagram, yet takes the top spot overall as a result of her high YouTube earnings. This proves that influencers do not always have to be the most followed across a range of apps to earn a large amount of money; it seems being successful on one platform alone is enough to dominate overall.

Other beauty Instagram and YouTube influencers performing exceptionally well include Nikita Dragun, Bretman Rock, and Chiara Ferragni. Despite repeated controversy, Jeffree Star has also seen a significant increase in earnings, proving that cancel culture is not always successful. Here’s what else the report found:

Cumulative Estimated Earning Per Post Across Channels

Safiya Nygaard $196,877
Huda Kattan $177,216
James Charles $145,271
Bretman Rock $122,460
Nikita Dragun $99,505
Chiara Ferragni $98,817
Jeffree Star $90,368
Pony Makeup $83,499
Mari Maria $75,608
Nikkie Tutorials $73,047

Instagram Estimated Earnings Per Post

Huda Kattan $168,113
Chiara Ferragni $91,746
James Charles $75,654
Mari Maria $66,780
Bretman Rock $61,094
Nikkie Tutorials $54,146
Jeffree Star $45,984
Nikita Dragun $29,830
Pony Makeup $26,833
Safiya Nygaard $7,160

TikTok Estimated Earnings Per Post

James Charles $35,200
Bretman Rock $13,700
Nikita Dragun $12,600
Mari Maria $8,210
Huda Kattan $7,820
Nikkie Tutorials $5,560
Chiara Ferragni $5,370
Jeffree Star $2,100
Safiya Nygaard $1,800
Pony Makeup $435

YouTube Estimated Earnings Per Video

Safiya Nygaard $187,917
Nikita Dragun $57,075
Pony Makeup $56,231
Bretman Rock $47,666
Jeffree Star $42,284
James Charles $34,417
Nikkie Tutorials $13,341
Chiara Ferragni $1,701
Huda Kattan $1,283
Mari Maria $618


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