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Google Searches Driving Beauty Trends in Q3 2023

Published November 9, 2023
Published November 9, 2023
Houcine Ncib via Unsplash

Spate analyzes billions of search signals to identify trends that are driving beauty and wellness categories, as well as up-and-coming terms to keep an eye on. This information can help guide brand marketing and communication strategies to ensure they align with consumer needs.

Emerging search trends based on growth in search volume in Q3. 

Trend (Avg. Monthly Volume, YoY)

ethereal makeup (650K, 868.1%)
invisible locs (38.6K, 703.0%)
aviclear laser (2.9K, 454.4%)
island twist braids (1.4K, 435.0%)
non-invasive facelift (14.1K, 433.2%)
scandi hairline (4.4K, 407.4%)
bronzing drops (8.9K, 387.5%)
butterfly haircut (318.9K, 370.7%)
peptide lip treatment (10.8K, 333.7%)
honey lip gloss (4.3K, 310.9%)
face liquid bronzer (37.3K, 294.6%)
snail serum (5.4K, 288.1%)
trapezius botox (5.6K, 262.3%)
illuminating glow serum (830K, 237.3%)
collagen thread (4.7K, 236.1%)
glossy balm (9.1K, 233.6%)
french curl (31.6K, 232.1%)
bond repair (1.7K, 230.5%)
wet set lashes (1.9K, 203.7%)
braided balayage (2.1K,  186.1%)
rubber base gel (1.3K, 178.4%)
comic book nails (1.9K, 174.9%)
silver chrome nails (5.5K, 174.4%)
boho knotless braids (46.2K, 171.5%)
lip gloss nails (4.4K, 168.7%)
japanese head spa (15.5K, 161.3%)
pop art nails (5.9K, 161.3%)
black lip gloss (8.3K, 154.0%)
star pimple patch (3.0K, 153.3%)
hair pre wash (1.4K, 152.8%)
color changing lip gloss (1.5K, 151.4%)
chav makeup (1.2K, 151.3%)
lace melting spray (1.0K, 148.6%)
douyin makeup (21.5K, 135.2%)

Emerging search trends ranked by increase search volume in Q3.

Trend (Avg. Monthly Volume Increase)

butterfly haircut (318.9K)                                      
perfume (3.0M)                                         
moisturizer (1.3M)                                    
taper fade (849.8K)                 
sunscreen (1.8M)                                    
wolf cut haircut (708.9K)               
bohemian braids (235.3K)              
long hair (3.0M)
low fade (820.5K)                                
face serum (355.7K)                               
curly hair (5.3M)
hair oil (1.3M)      
summer nails (753.6K)
chrome nails (164.2K)
bob haircut (1.6M)  
light treatment (376.1K)
layered hair (1.5M)
dermatitis (898.6K)
perm hair (1.3M)
melanoma (1.1M)
long haircuts (689.8K)
fade haircut (1.3M)
dry shampoo (330.1K)
boho braids (112.4K)
red light therapy (221.2K)
buzz cut (544.7K)
pheromone perfume (131.7K)
lip oil (165.6K)
face essence (132.2K)
hair growth (1.3M)
toner (757.7K)
color analysis (99.5K)
goddess braids (257.4K)


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