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Living Proof Launches AI-Powered Diagnostic Tool

Published April 17, 2022
Published April 17, 2022
Living Proof

Artificial intelligence is something that, up until recently, had limited applications. However, technology has begun to infiltrate the beauty industry through the likes of the metaverse and virtual try-ons over the past couple of years. In 2021, the AI beauty and cosmetics industry was worth $2.7 billion, with a prediction for this to increase by 19% to $13.34 billion by 2030, With 25% of all AI-based products having been created for the personalization of product services and 44% for customer care, augmented and virtual reality services are fueling global beauty purchases. With no sign of decline, there is an expectation for more brands to begin to adapt to this demand. Most recently, science-led haircare brand Living Proof teamed up with digital brand experience company Revieve to create an AI-based hair quiz to "solve hair problems as opposed to concealing them."

The quiz will allow users to input their hair concerns and what they expect from their haircare routine. After this, the customer's hair will be analyzed by reliable AI-driven selfie technology, which determines the condition of the hair through the use of patented mobile diagnostics, helping to make the customer journey more predictable. The hair type, volume, curl type, and color will be assessed, making the product available to users regardless of their background. The user will then be provided with optimal haircare and styling routine suggestions through an AI recommendation engine.

The product has been crafted based on the belief that the future of haircare will center around consultation. John Winer, Vice President of Digital, Living Proof, commented on the development, stating, "Currently, the consultation step only happens in 2 forms: either in a chair at a salon or through a large format questionnaire online. Online interactions are lacking because they miss a key piece of the diagnostic—the visual of what is happening with someone's hair." The product offering helps the customer by considering what they are currently doing to their hair in terms of damage, treatment, styling, and their desired result. The tool's assessment informs the user of products and treatments that will provide them with the healthiest hair possible.

Living Proof chose to work alongside Revieve after searching for a program partner for over two years. Winer explains, "Revieve met our vision with excitement and ingenuity, allowing us to jointly pioneer in this space." With both brands being science led, the collaboration intends to increase precision and customization in consumers' haircare routines through AI, empowering them to embrace a natural haircare routine. "We look forward to launching this advisor experience powered by Revieve to advance our mission in changing people's lives through products and experiences that deliver actionable results," explains Winer.

Besides releasing the haircare quiz, Living Proof has reformulated its entire collection of shampoos and conditioners. This has been done through research showing that variating hair types can cause an array of challenges, leading the brand to focus on a range of solutions instead of creating a one-size-fits-all formula. When customers take the quiz, they're matched with the correct procedure for their specific hair type, with products available from the new range of shampoos and conditioners to suit each individual.

The inspiration to reformulate the shampoos and conditioners initially came from a desire to rework their products philosophy. Living Proof wanted to move away from their Healthy Hair Molecule ingredient, and instead create bespoke solutions that have been scientifically conditioned to solve unique hair challenges. However, the catalyst for the change was consumer desires. The brand surveyed 1,200 individuals to understand what they felt was most needed from their product offerings. Across a range of hair types, the top two desires were damage repair and protection from everyday stressors.

As a result, scientists conducted a gap analysis to identify what the Healthy Hair Molecule was doing across the Perfect Hair Day, Restore, Full, and No Frizz collection, with the intention to create new products that addressed anything missing from those already available. The product development team crafted 100+ formulations across all collections using the data found. They then added different blends of multiple ingredients to provide the best result for a range of hair types.

Now, new shampoo compositions use a combination of slide modifiers to reduce surface friction and fiber–fiber stressors. New conditioner products use a mild sugarcane-derived emollient to control frizz and prevent damage from wet and dry combing. All shampoos and conditioners contain marine-derived polysaccharides and Phytantriol to help protect hair from environmental aggressors and pollution accumulation.


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