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NYX Professional Makeup Announces DAO Debut Details

Published January 29, 2023
Published January 29, 2023
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NYX Professional Makeup is no stranger to metaverse activations. The brand recently revealed the House of NYX Professional Makeup on Roblox, connecting with its Gen Z–dominant audience on the gaming platform. In the summer of 2022 the cosmetics brand announced its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) called GORJS, a community-led artist collective created to "define the future of beauty and makeup in the metaverse." After much anticipation, NYX Professional Makeup has outlined its strategy for the platform, and the details of their FKWME Pass (pronounced f*ck with me), a limited collection of NFT access passes for the DAO's first 1,000 members.

GORJS was created to simultaneously unite beauty lovers across the metaverse. As Matthieu Guerin, VP of Global Digital & Ecommerce at NYX Professional Makeup, told BeautyMatter when GORJS was announced, "A DAO is a community-led organization with no hierarchy. It is created based on common goals and values with a built-in tokenization mechanism, allowing members to decide the direction they want the organization to go in. For GORJS, this means building on the future of beauty in a trusted environment."

The FKWME Pass will be available to purchase through an allowlist sale (early access) on January 31, and through general sale on February 1. Those who wish to purchase will be granted a maximum of three FKWME Passes during the allowlist sale and a further three during the general sale. Each pass grants the owner 400 GORJS tokens, claimable immediately to spend on NFTs. Users will be given an additional four tokens for every day they retain ownership of their pass, indefinitely. The passes will also give consumers the opportunity for governance power across the DAO, with a voting system that allows them to cast votes and decipher which NFT drops they would like to receive from the first collection. Their yielded tokens will then be tradable for specific art pieces that they wish to own on the platform.

According to NYX Professional Makeup, the FKWME Pass "prioritizes the community by providing more supply of GORJS tokens to the community than to the GORJS Founding Team or Advisory Team." The brand plans to provide at least 12 NFT drops to the FKWME Pass holders over three years, with these set to launch per quarter on an individual project basis.

"At NYX Professional Makeup, we invite artists to join the movement with us to 'Make the Metaverse GORJS' and to evolve their artistic creativity beyond the basis of physical and genetic appearances," says Yann Joffredo, Global Brand President of NYX Cosmetics. "With our first FKWME NFT collection, GORJS is elevating 3D creators across the industry, and cultivating growth, equity, and innovation within the community, and ultimately, providing them a path to success within the Web3 ecosystem."

The GORJS founding team wishes to ensure that diversity and inclusion are advocated for through the DAO experience. To do this, the team, including Sebastian Borget, CEO of The Sandbox, has created an advisory board of Web3 experts who will continue to oversee the platform, ensuring equal opportunities for all groups of people, as well as onboarding additional members as the project grows.

GORJS furthers its message of inclusivity by encouraging marginalized and underrepresented groups to put their creations out into the world and "establish a new era of beauty." All artists featured on the DAO will earn commissions and royalties on their work, as well as own the IP address of their creations, meaning their art will always belong to them and be celebrated as their creations. The initial cohort of 3D creatives was invited by NYX Professional Makeup themselves to join the DAO, creating brand awareness and building excitement for the platform's launch.

A unique creator portal will also be available as part of the DAO, encouraging the exploration of partnerships for the platform. The brand hopes that by doing this, they are setting up an opportunity for increased global reach, which they feel will one day lead to a comprehensive suite of tools for creatives. Each artist will also be given funding for their personal NFT projects and digital art creations.

The message of inclusivity, as well as correct and fair governing of GORJS, creates optimism for the future of beauty in the metaverse, uplifting users through self-expression as opposed to tearing them down and creating insecurities. As NYX Professional Makeup paves the way for beauty in a decentralized world, allowing consumers to gain a hands-on and personal experience of the brand, it will be fascinating to see how the industry evolves, keeping businesses and consumers alike wondering: what's coming next?


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