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Perfect Corp. Amps up Try-on Technology with Generative AI

Published November 30, 2023
Published November 30, 2023
Perfect Corp.

The rapid evolution of AI has led to several virtual try-on technology (VTO) services and makeover apps that allow consumers to test out products  virtually before purchasing in real life. The technology has had such an impact on the way consumers shop that 48% of people say they would prefer to try on products in a virtual dressing room instead of an in-person environment. While AI try-on has already seen huge success and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20% to $44.22 billion by 2031, like most things, adjustments can always be made to improve a product or service. Recognizing this, AI and AR technology solutions provider Perfect Corp. has announced what is said to be a first for the beauty industry—using generative AI to power VTOs instead of generative adversarial network technology.

The commonly used generative adversarial network technology is a type of modeling that applies deep machine learning methods to produce general product filters for users to try on. The new way of working—using generative AI—enables the Perfect Corp. technology to create new filters that are personalized to each consumer, depicting a lifelike and realistic representation of how a product would appear on the wearer in real life. The new technology is implemented on the Perfect Corp. YouCam suite of apps, allowing consumers to experiment with styles before committing to them.

Perfect Corp. believes  the use of the improved technology will answer pain points across the industry, specifically for hair stylists, who will now be able to provide a more in-depth idea of how their client's hair will look after a treatment or styling session.

"With Generative AI, we can simulate an endless array of hairstyles in real time, helping consumers find the perfect look effortlessly. This technology is set to revolutionize the consumer experience while helping hair professionals and hair product brands provide more immersive and valuable consultations," says Alice Chang, CEO and founder of Perfect Corp. "At Perfect Corp., our commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty technology has always driven us to explore new frontiers. We have been hard at work to create a revolutionary tool that empowers consumers to experiment like never before.”

The introduction of the virtual try-on service comes after countless consumers on TikTok have begun using filters across the app to see how their hair would look before making their final decision at the salon. Popular filters include the 2.25" hair length filter with over 20 million views under its search term. The filter measures the length of the user's hair and the lower half of their face, then presents a number on screen; if the number generated by the filter is less than 2.25", the person will supposedly "look good with short hair." While this is not an example of a virtual try-on, it evidences a need for improved services. With VTOs like Perfect Corp., consumers will be able to see a visual representation of how a style would look on them, as opposed to letting a TikTok trend with no real image dictate their beauty choices, which they could later regret.

The Perfect Corp. announcement comes just days after Google expanded its suite of AR tools for beauty, consisting of new virtual hair colors and styles. Consumers can try these shades on themselves or view them on models with similar physical characteristics. The latest additions to the service include a range of hair shades from L'Oréal brands, which is soon expected to expand to other names including Splat and Revlon. Google's AR services include 10,000 data points of modern hairstyles created to "ensure that the AR tech can accurately identify hair in an image."

This overall increase in VTO offerings across the industry indicates an ongoing and present demand from consumers for these services. With the Perfect Corp. leveled-up technology, these demands will likely be met with more accurate representations across the industry as Perfect Corp. continues to collaborate with businesses to offer its services to consumers. The announcement comes shortly after it was revealed that the AI company is now partnering with Walmart to offer VTOs online and in-store for multiple beauty SKUs through the Walmart app. As the AI industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how the Perfect Corp. upgrades support the market's growth.


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