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Social Shopping Platform Xiaohongshu Reveals 2022 Beauty Trends

May 15, 2022
May 15, 2022
Little Red Book

E-commerce app Xiaohongshu (which translates to “Little Red Book”) may be facing 9% in staff cuts, but the platform nonetheless remains a popular destination for beauty shoppers, with a current estimated $20 billion value according to Reuters, and the top two content topics being skincare and color makeup among its audience of more than 300 million registered users. The average exposure of beauty-themed posts in searches is 1.6 times the average of all content categories.

The “2022 Xiaohongshu Beauty Trends Report” highlights the four main subjects piquing their interests as of this year: gender neutrality, stacking products, haute makeup, and efficient skincare. This is evidenced in the released data from the social media shopping giant including:

Efficient Skincare - Search Categories

  • “Simplified skin care” +170%
  • “Skin care pyramid” +560%

Haute Makeup - Search Categories

  • “How to define olive skin” +470%
  • “Square face makeup” +1,100%
  • “Facial angling” +163%

Stacking Products - Search Categories

  • “Lip oil layering” +135%
  • “Perfume layering” +82%

Men’s Makeup - Search Categories

  • “Men’s eyebrow shape” +130%
  • “Men’s makeup cream” +354%

Xiaohongshu User Behavior & Demographic

  • “Trying out something new” posts +80% in the past 6 months
  • “Anti-appearance anxiety” posts +226% in the past 6 months, with exposure +90%
  • 89% female, 11% male
  • 88% - 18-34 years old, 12% - 35-50 years old
  • 57-60% in second-tier cities and above

Xiaohongshu Beauty-Related Creator Demographic

  • 86% female, 14% male
  • 20% Gen Z
  • ~70% in top-tier cities
  • Skincare-related content +156%
  • Treatment-related content +132%

Seasonal Makeup Content

  • Halloween makeup: 70K+ posts
  • Christmas makeup: 30K+ posts
  • New Year’s makeup: 30K+ posts

What to take away from it all? Shoppers on the e-commerce platform are displaying an increased thirst for skincare product and ingredient knowledge, ways to hack optimal product performance, customizing makeup trends like contouring to their unique facial features, and exploring antidotes to the pressures of self-presentation, not limited to the female gender only. Only time will tell what products the beauty industry will birth in response.


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