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Superdrug Redefines Retail on Roblox

Published June 2, 2024
Published June 2, 2024

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are investing their time and money in the beauty industry more and more each day. On average, Gen Alpha children spend $2,340 in pocket money a year and 35% specifically choose to spend this sum on beauty items. When not shopping for the latest viral skincare product or lip gloss, these younger consumers occupy their time traveling through virtual worlds on digital apps such as Roblox, which hosts over 70 million active users a day.

Beauty brands are no stranger to the strategy of engaging with tween and teen customers through Roblox. In the past few years, activations from Sol de Janiero, Maybelline, NYX Professional Makeup, and several other big brand names have captured the attention of the aforementioned generations. The impact of brands having a Roblox presence is so strong that 84% of users say they are likely to purchase a brand in real life if they have seen it on the app.

Superdrug is the latest beauty giant to venture into Roblox, making history as the first health and beauty retailer to host a campaign on the platform. Named Superdrug Obby, the retailer's activation has been created as part of its 60th  birthday celebrations, in the hopes of engaging a younger audience and encouraging them to build a sense of loyalty with the Superdrug brand.

“For our 60th  birthday we wanted to celebrate and engage with a demographic that is increasingly drawn to digital entertainment, and so we are excited to partner with Roblox and take our first steps into the gaming world,” said Matt Walburn, Marketing, Online and Customer Director at Superdrug. “The collaboration allows us to introduce a new generation to our brand and interact with them in a way which is more appealing and natural to them.”

The Superdrug Obby is available until mid-June and focuses on three games themed around Superdrug’s own-brand product ranges: ProCare, Fruity, and Solait. The games allow users to battle against each other to win prizes in an obstacle course style, including spinning electric toothbrushes, jumping across ProCare toothpaste tubes, and tackling fruit-shaped objects. A game situated around the Solait range serves an educational as well as promotional purpose, teaching users about the importance of correct suncare, followed by a quiz.

Once the games have been completed, players enter a virtual Superdrug store to kick off a 60th   birthday party celebration. The store can be explored by users who are able to listen to exclusive DJ sets, play mini games, and win UGC virtual clothing to dress their avatars in. Those who previously completed all three games will be given a code to redeem a free Fruity Shower Gel of their choice in any Superdrug store nationwide, creating opportunity for engagement with new customers.

"We are excited to partner with Superdrug as they extend their 60-year celebration with a brand new integration on Roblox. Roblox’s immersive platform is perfect for brands like Superdrug to connect with younger audiences in meaningful ways. We’ve loved working with the Superdrug team on this exciting project,” added Andrew Douthwaite, Chief Commercial Officer  of Dubit, a metaverse building company.

The Superdrug Obby not only gives the opportunity for Superdrug to engage with younger audiences while celebrating its rich history, but it also marks a significant milestone for beauty retailers who may not have considered a metaverse action before. As businesses from all angles of the industry continue to fund virtual marketing activations, it is clear that the future of beauty is certainly one with a strong digital presence, catering to the desires of the next generation of consumers.


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