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The Sound of Beauty: TikTok’s ASMR Content Creators

Published June 30, 2022
Published June 30, 2022
Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

ASMR has held its place on social media since the term was coined in 2010, with 98% of fans naming it one of their primary sources for relaxation. Over the years, groupings of the craze have begun to form, with 77% of ASMR addicts naming beauty as one of their top subgenres of content. On TikTok alone, content under #ASMRbeauty holds 2.7 billion views. With several different angles on the trend, from purposeful destruction of makeup to skincare routines, satisfying sounds are taking over the way we consume beauty. Here are five ASMR beauty TikTokers worth talking about, selected by BeautyMatter.


Unquestionably the leader of ASMR skincare on TikTok, beauty blogger Jake Jamie, once known as The Beauty Boy on YouTube, has captured TikTokers’ attention with his insightful videos. Co-creator of the Revolution Skincare x Jake Jamie Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask, which had its TikTok viral moment in 2021, the creator shares “oddly satisfying” ASMR videos using his products and other trending must-haves. Using a microphone, Jamie enhances the natural sound of opening and applying skincare products to provide a sense of calm for his 2 million+ followers. As well as natural ASMR, the creator also shares videos where artificial ASMR TikTok sounds are used to match the applications of products. The TikToker is also famous for his comically themed videos, including soap balls with celebrity faces imprinted inside, from Tom Holland to Queen Elizabeth II.


If skincare and ASMR are your thing, esthetician Layal Assi, aka @layallure, is the content creator you need. Everything that can be seen can be heard, from simple facial cleansing to dermaplaning and makeup routines. With 1.7 million followers and 31.3 million likes, Assi’s most popular video is her morning skincare routine, with 48.2 million views. As well as showcasing satisfaction through sound, the creator recommends best products for different skin types while also providing essential tips for skincare routines, such as which product works where, when, and how. Aside from ASMR and skincare, Assi is also known for her Amazon finds, hooking her followers up with the latest on-trend products.


Known for both beauty and food ASMR content, Nadina Ioana is a Dubai-based ASMR guru. While most users focus on a broader spectrum of beauty within each video, Ioana focuses on one specific product or practice within her videos, varying each time. From lip care, freckle, eyebrow, and pimple reduction routines to manicures and hair washing, there is little the content creator has not covered during her time on TikTok. Within each video, users can experience the satisfaction of product application and the sounds of product packaging. Ioana explores various packaging types within her videos, from hard metal eyeshadow palettes to soft bubble face masks, providing her 11.3 million followers with a wide range of readily available content.


Experimenting with the more abnormal side of ASMR, Rose Friederike provides her 3.3 million viewers with surprises on their For You pages. Snail mucin added to products is nothing new on TikTok; however, Friederike uses real snails. Applying the snails to her cleansed face, the creator allows the creatures to move across her face, eventually removing them and spreading the mucin left behind across her cheeks. The sound of the snail is heightened by a microphone and left as the main audio for the video. Although unlike typical ASMR videos, the clip gained massive attention, receiving 30.4 million views and 2 million likes. Alongside skincare, the creator also experiments with makeup products and packaging. In a popular video, Friederike is seen biting into a lipstick, creating a loud crunching noise, with the caption “candy or makeup?” The fun doesn’t end there, with the creator also posting ASMR fails and bloopers, racking up 83.6 million views and 5.8 million likes.


Focusing on unboxing, @glowopedia often shares new finds with her 295K followers, creating an array of sounds. From body butter and serums to the filling of beauty fridges and bags, the creator showcases the sounds of multiple elements of beauty. Unlike most videos, the TikToker begins the unboxing from as far back as the packaging the product arrived in, giving her followers the ultimate sound experience. Another popular addition to the ASMR-based account is videos such as “What I used in my shower.” Within these videos, users can not only find new products with honest reviews, but they can also continue their ASMR experience through the sounds of the shower water and product openings.


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