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TRESemmé Debuts Pakistan’s First Beauty Entry into the Metaverse

Published December 1, 2022
Published December 1, 2022

The global market size of AI in beauty and cosmetics was estimated at $2.7B in 2021. According to Mintel, 92% of Gen Z are interested in AI shopping experiences such as personalization and virtual reality. With this information at hand, it makes perfect sense for brands to dive into the metaverse, experimenting with their customers’ shopping desires. The latest brand to investigate the virtual space is TRESemmé, teaming up with Exarta, a British-based Web3 company, to establish a firm footing in the metaverse. The move from the haircare brand makes them the first company in Pakistan to explore the metaverse, where Web3 is predicted to grow significantly in the next few years, after claims the country is not keeping up with the developing platform.

"We're delighted to have been chosen by TRESemmé to create the experience for their first step into the immersive world. This shows Exarta and TRESemmé are aligned in their vision to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. We've been building our platform with a core focus on transitioning brands into the metaverse, and this will be a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase that," says Amanpreet Singh, Global Media Lead, Metaverse & Web3, Unilever. The multinational CPG company recently overhauled its strategic approach to brand building, with TRESemmé proving itself as a top-earning brand in its assortment.

TRESemmé's first steps into the web space saw the brand host a virtual party on November 10 named the TRESverse. Attendees were able to select and customize their TRESsetters (avatars) and visit a branded salon, choosing a select TRESemmé treatment, and watching their avatar's hair change accordingly. The characters then had the opportunity to show off their fresh hairstyle on a virtual catwalk. The event aimed to showcase how consumers can try before they buy through the metaverse, making sure they are happy with the product before purchasing it physically.

According to the brand, the TRESverse comes to Pakistan as the country is on the brink of a new marketing age, "making the impossible possible and helping to create a bridge between virtual and real worlds." Rashid Ali, founder and CEO of Exarta, commented on Pakistan’s debut into the web space, stating, “Pakistan has one of the youngest populations in the world, and with a growing number of tech savvy youth who are the future of the metaverse, if you look at the global stats and ages of metaverse / virtual reality users, you can see the Pakistani youth really embracing the metaverse and everything it entails.”

TRESsetters choosing to explore the TRESverse are asked to select a pre-designed avatar, dubbed TRESgirls, which they can go on to personalize, with the aim to empower women to embrace their hair type. Within the virtual universe, users can explore the salon and go on to order free samples that become available as NFTs and are then delivered to them as physical products in the real world. Those taking part in the TRESverse can interact with each other in real time, meaning every individual gets a chance to be a part of an exclusive group of visitors.

"The metaverse opens up new possibilities for our brands to engage with consumers in ways never imagined before. The rapid growth in metaverse technologies has ensured that the marketing narrative gradually shifts from brand storytelling to consumers living the brand story through engaging experiences,” Singh comments. “This activation from TRESemmé is a testament of the narrative shift and a brilliant showcase of how a leading consumer goods brand can take the experience of metaverse to mass audiences by seamlessly integrating their brand identity and product proposition in a fun, immersive fashion.”

As ongoing conversations surrounding the metaverse continue to grow despite debates around its relevance for certain beauty business structures, there seems to be little to no sign of Web3-based initiatives slowing down. With hundreds of brands in the Western world benefitting from the technology of the metaverse, TRESemmé’s move into the Pakistani market solidifies the expectation for growth for such applications in Eastern regions. As time goes on and brands worldwide become more knowledgeable, the growth of the metaverse seems almost unstoppable, leaving the future landscape of the beauty industry’s marketing and sales strategies excitingly unpredictable.


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