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Trends that Took Over TikTok in July

Published August 16, 2022
Published August 16, 2022
Good Faces via Unsplash

With an estimated $110 million monthly user spend across TikTok, it is clear consumers are buying into the consistent flow of trends and "TikTok made me buy it" products. This month, the products on the rise are none other than mini electric whisks, not for cooking but for makeup application. Of course, the randomness of it all doesn't stop there, with the likes of natural cherry and beetroot blush, and distorted filter makeup challenges. Here is the best batch from this month, chosen by BeautyMatter.

Frothed Makeup:

For the best part of 2022, textured makeup has caused social media hysteria; from bubble foundation to concealers and blushers, several brands have taken to the hype of all things foam. But, as always, avid TikTokers are desperate to put their twist on the trending products. Now, users are taking their foundations, initially sold in liquid format and frothing them. A popular user of this emerging trend is Avonna Sunshine (@avonnasunshine), a professional makeup artist with over 175.3K followers. In the videos providing how-tos on frothed foundation, Sunshine can be seen using a small electric whisk, as found in the kitchen, a small flask, and of course, the desired foundation. The user's latest video using the technique has over 532K views and features the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation. Sunshine later posted a video stating that she had whipped an entire bottle of liquid foundation as she loves the texture so much. After viewing the video, another popular makeup content creator, Kaitlin Brandon (@kkmichellebeauty), posted her version at the beginning of the video claiming, "I saw this and immediately bought a frother from Amazon." Although there is no way of knowing if this trend will stick around or fade out as trends do, it seems as if mini electric whisks will be gaining sales popularity in the coming weeks.

Whirlpool Filter Makeup:

TikTok loves a filter trend, as shown by the likes of "filter chooses my makeup" videos in recent months. This time around, camera distortion is the main point of call. The app has seen a new challenge, dubbed the whirlpool filter challenge, presented to users. Users are required to only use their phone camera as a point of reference within the videos, with no mirrors allowed. To make things even harder, the video creator is expected to add a distortion filter in the shape of a whirlpool to their camera. The effect massively throws off the participants’ concentration and tests their makeup application skills; however, predominantly, the outcomes have been pretty impressive. The original concept gained popularity when one of Natalie Violette's (@natviolette) 1.4 million followers requested she try the filter in the comments. In response, the model posted a video copying the trend, receiving 1.1 million likes and over 27.1K saves. Naturally, this trend doesn't seem to be one people are turning to when they're rushing to get out of the house, but on TikTok, the fun never dies.

Midtone Blush:

With summer at its peak, most makeup wearers are embracing the natural, glowy, and minimal makeup look using bright yet soft-toned colors. To put a spin on a typical day-to-day application of these products, TikTok users have begun showcasing their unique techniques and tricks to get the perfect sun-kissed look, with the most recent being mid-tone blush. The trend starts with users taking a bright color blush and mixing it with their setting powder, applying this to the cheekbone area and blending upwards to under the eyes. Once applied, the blush covers the majority of the upper-cheek area and half of the under-eye area, leaving the face looking lifted. The original video to gain this trend traction came from an MUA who goes by Lex (@makeupbylexh). Lex uploaded the video to her 73.6K followers in mid-June, and since then the video has received 117.7K likes and has hundreds of re-creations still being published daily across the app. Other users have been applying cream blush as a base for this trend, toning down the shade with a light powder or cool-toned highlighter.

Cherry Blush:

The natural blush trends don't stop at mid-tone blush; in fact, they get even more natural with the use of real fruit instead. Similarly to the almond eyeliner trend, the cherry blush trend sees users employing multi-purpose fresh food ingredients from the store. The trend was made famous by Danielle Marcan (@daniellemarcan) who, in the original video, bit into a cherry and applied the juice to her cheeks and lips, with the caption stating, "Hot girls use cherries as their lip tint and blush." The video now has 249.9K likes, and several other users have recreated the look, such as Sarah Wolak (@sarah_wolak), who commented on the trend as "extremely natural but a little bit sticky," with her video receiving 94.4K likes. Across the recreation videos, many viewers have taken to the comments section and suggested using beetroot for higher pigmentation. It seems the rise of fruit and vegetable makeup isn't on the decline any time soon; with brands such as Seeds of Colour now using food waste for cosmetics, who knows what will come next.

Sleepy Eyeliner:

Over the years, eyeliner has been executed in several different forms, from cat eyes to doe and siren eyes. Now, sleepy eyes are taking the top spot, with TikTok users making looking tired the new beauty standard. The original video came from a user who goes by the name of Hayley (@hayleybuix) and, within a week of being posted, received 2.5 million likes and, like all other trends, several re-creations. In the video, Hayley is seen using a deep-brown eyeshadow in the outer corners of her eye and under the eye area, blending this with a thin brush into the crease of the eye. She then adds liquid eyeliner over the shadowed lashline and completes the look, leaving a half-open and tired-looking eye effect. Many users in the comments left comparisons to celebrities when creating this look, with a popular name among the suggestions being Billie Eilish.


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