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Cult Studio: Where Digital Creative Innovation Meets Sustainability

Published May 2, 2024
Published May 2, 2024
Cult Studio

Creative, B-Corp certified agency Cult is no stranger to innovation. Aside from its brand work for the luxury, wellness, beauty, and fashion sectors, most recently the company launched the inaugural Metaverse Beauty Week in June 2023, reaching 1.8 billion individuals across five days with activations in Roblox, Spatial, Decentraland, and with IRL activations using AR filters, welcoming brands such as Valdé, Lottie London, and Neutrogena.

Now the company has unveiled Cult Studio, a standalone production service which fuses the enterprise’s expertise in digital activations with a sustainability-minded approach. The company creates a carbon emission estimate for every production by measuring its expected CO2 emissions impact and offsetting this impact through carbon-neutral or carbon-negative productions using best-in-class sustainability standards. Cult Studio also has a rigorous vetting process for its technology providers and partners to ensure sustainability value and metric alignment.

“Marketeers want to integrate new production technologies to bring efficiency, enhance creative possibilities, and gain competitive market advantage, but we could see their fatigue from tech partners' lack of understanding of brand sectors and 360 [degree] campaign strategy. Cult Studio solves this challenge, giving brands access to pioneering production services paired with over 10 years of beauty and fashion creative experience,” Bridey-Rae Lipscombe, CEO, explained to BeautyMatter when asked about the initiative for founding the company. Sarah Hernandez-Bedford, who previously held senior positions at companies like Peloton, Uncommon Creative Studio, Wieden+Kennedy, and Rankin Creative, is the company’s Head of Production and Sustainability.

Cult Studio’s in-house production services incorporate tech tools such as CGI, 3D, AI, and AR to help brands reach their consumer in interactive ways across a plethora of social media platforms.  “Technology is absolutely leading the charge in every single way; from bringing efficiencies and innovations to fusing different creative disciplines to deliver new concepts. The Studio has been conceived on this basis, to fuse technological innovations with our human creativity. We are using technology to inform where we go next, as well as concepting by integrating CGI, AI, web3, and hybrid digital experiences together as we make,” Cat Turner, CCO and co-founder of Cult London, remarks.

Ensuring a meeting of creative minds, Cult Studio has announced partnerships with AI design studio The Future In Black, and AR specialist agency FFFACE.ME to inform its creative and technology-led output. “We have set out from the start to establish relationships with best-in-class creators, technologists, and artists. It’s important for the work and the edge we bring to our projects and collaborations. We are also entrepreneurs by trade, so working with other like-minded individuals is always inspiring and brings so much more value to one another and our clients get to benefit from this. When you’re striving to embrace the unknown, it’s great to do this with others who share that vision of innovation and bringing newness to the industry,” Turner comments.

As for the months ahead, Lipscombe reveals the company is working on large-scale experiences for large beauty/wellness brands and growing its collaborator network, adding, “We want to work with different folks on different projects to continue to deliver that innovative spin on content and campaign production. Whether it be CGI, blended worlds, or ethically integrating AI, we are always bending realities to delight.”


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