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Pinterest Predicts: The 2023 Beauty and Wellness Edit

Published December 11, 2022
Published December 11, 2022

For the ninth consecutive year, the Pinterest Predicts trend forecasting report has landed, harnessing data from the 360 billion saved pins and 8.5 billion boards created worldwide to find out what content users have interacted with most in 2022. According to the report, trends on Pinterest sustain 21% longer monthly growth than trends elsewhere, with at least eight out of ten trend predictions for upcoming years being correct across the last three reports. With over 400 million users globally, consumers are using the platform to plan for the future, source ideas, and keep up with trends.

"People come to Pinterest to discover and plan for the future. That's why we're able to leverage this unique, ahead-of-the-curve search data and get early insights that help us identify what's likely to come next. This makes our report such a valuable strategic asset for brands to tap into the top themes and ideas Pinterest users are starting to search for. So once again, we carefully analyzed what people were searching for on the platform to identify the key trends that will emerge or continue to grow in 2023—before they become a trend and before they see them anywhere else," says Andréa Mallard, Chief Marketing Officer at Pinterest.

Here are the top line insights gathered from the Pinterest Predicts report:

Remember Your Roots

Amid increasing ingredient awareness and an ongoing quest for hair health, Gen X and boomers are set to indulge in the "skinification" of haircare, focusing on scalp and crown health. Key search terms include:

  • Scalp massage technique +55%
  • Clean scalp +55%
  • Scalp treatment for dry scalp +70%
  • Natural hair mask for growth +80%
  • Clean scalp build-up +45%

Gemini Hair

"Geminis don't have to choose. Your hair shouldn't either," the report stated. Combining the best of both worlds, Gen Z and millennials will mix natural tones with bold, bright hues.

  • Blue and black braids +215%
  • Lavender and blonde hair +150%
  • Pink and lavender hair +345%
  • Brown to pink balayage +280%
  • Multitone hair color +135%

Micro or Nothing

Beauty is downsizing this coming year as millennials and Gen Z begin to rank bob haircuts and short French manicures over luscious locks and nail extensions, marking a move towards more low-maintenance styles.

  • Micro French nails +235%
  • Chopped bob haircut +550%
  • Micro bangs +110%
  • Short stiletto nails +80%
  • Short braid hairstyles +44%

Soothing Self-Care

Gen Z and millennials are waving the flag for wellness, seeking alternatives to talk therapy as 37% of Gen Z state they have received therapy in some form.

  • Writing therapy +1840%
  • Expressive art therapy activities +120%
  • Musical therapy +30%
  • Journal writing prompts +220%
  • Art journal therapy +3755%

Mother Knows Best

Millennials are supporting their postpartum needs as:

  • Postpartum must haves +40%
  • Postpartum basket +135%
  • Postpartum essentials +85%
  • Postpartum meals +70%
  • Postpartum gift +140%

Gen Z will continue to pioneer beauty trends, tapping into their inner selves on a deeper level than before, projecting the concept that beauty begins within. This generation is exploring therapeutic outlets, being protective of their mental state through self-care, and enjoying the smaller and simpler things life offers, although these trends also are gaining traction across all age demographics—demonstrating an increasing diversification of beauty trends.

Millennials are also adopting wellness, as well as embracing the beauty of life in whichever way best suits the individual. For some this means preparing their environments and selves for the challenges of parenthood. For those more hair coloring-inclined, their creative energy and focus will go towards exploring a vast array of changing hair hues―an affinity which they share with Gen Zers.

Gen Z to boomers and Gen Xers will have a predominant body care focus, with a particular focus on the scalp and deep nourishing treatments, showing that every generation is valuing the skin they’re in more and more each day.

The 2023 Pinterest Predicts Report shows similarities to last year's findings, with themes of rebellious exterior representation through hairstyles, contrasting a nurtured interior through self-reflection and wellbeing. Simplicity is on the rise―a theme not very prominent in last year's report, as consumers opt for shorter, more natural nails in comparison to extravagant extensions and designs seen previously. As the year comes to an end and 2023 rolls in, it will become apparent which of these trends will take off and pave the way for a new year within an ever-evolving beauty landscape.


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