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Trends Taking Over TikTok In June

Published June 28, 2022
Published June 28, 2022
Shingi Rice via Unsplash

Recently, TikTok was named the social media with the highest engagement rate per post, with users spending an average of 850 minutes on the app per month. From questionably outrageous mayonnaise hair masks to the more expected side of beauty such as retinol, here are this month's TikTok beauty trends selected by BeautyMatter.

Love Don't Be Shy By Kilian

Perfume has heavily held its place on TikTok since the app began. At present, #perfumetok has 820.9 million views. A recent perfumery trend across the app has come from scent brand Kilian's product “Love Don't Be Shy." The eau de parfum, said to make you "smell like Rihanna," typically retails at $240 and has captured the interest of users as a result of its prominent marshmallow note, despite the ingredient not being listed.

Content creators are taking to the app to express their opinions on the product, giving reviews of what they smell, leading to mass debates in comment sections. According to some users, the perfume smells strongly of floral notes. Others entirely disagree and argue the scent has a predominantly synthetic smelling base, such as bubble gum and marshmallows. #Lovedontbeshy currently has 7.8 million views under the hashtag, with the top-liked video regarding the scent receiving 396.7K likes.

As a result of the price, videos surrounding the perfume mention various dupes available at a much lower price. Top dupes include: Be Layered: Caramel Overdose ($24), Love By Kilian Perfume Oil ($20), Santal 33 ($150), and Oakcha: Sweet Addict ($41).


With a rise in accessibility to over-the-counter skin products in recent years and an increased interest in lengthier skincare routines since the pandemic, the global retinol market is expected to become a multibillion dollar market by 2028. Users are no strangers to the product known to reduce breakouts, brighten the face, and remove fine lines and wrinkles, with retinol taking the crown as the most popular TikTok skincare trend this year. With 1.2 billion views on TikTok and over nine million Google searches according to a Hey Discount Survey, retinol is being shared on the app in several different ways.

The majority of videos surrounding the subject come from popular TikTok dermatologists who are giving advice and posting how-to videos covering the application of the product. The top-liked video under #retinol comes from, titled “How to apply retinol like a dermatologist,” with over 1.9 million views and 187K likes. Top tips include: applying at nighttime, consistently applying to a clean face, using a pea-sized amount, and ensuring to add moisturizer after application.

While most users are clued in on the retinol know-hows, others take to the app to warn against incorrect applications. Numerous individuals have shared videos expressing the potential risks, such as permanently burnt skin and breakouts. These alarm bells have made previously mentioned retinol guide videos an essential for TikTok skincare, increasing their popularity and keeping the trend afloat.

DIY Skincare

DIY beauty has always been prominent on the app, and lately, DIY skincare is taking the reins. Under #DIYskincare sit thousands of videos with trending homemade ideas, racking up over 536 million views.

The most popular video comes from @creative_explained, who uses orange peels and aloe vera to create a natural vitamin C face serum. The video currently has 3 million views and 323.2K likes. As always, the video has left room for controversy, with some users praising the hack and claiming it's done great things for their skin, while others are bashing the trend and presenting reasons it would not work, such as natural light and heat killing the benefits of vitamin C due to non-professional packaging.

Other popular videos include information on what products and ingredients to avoid when creating homemade skincare regimens. Widespread warnings include lemon due to its acidity, salt grounds due to jagged particles, and toothpaste due to drying qualities. The DIY element also focuses on reusing and recycling store-bought product packaging, with a popular method seeing The Ordinary's serum bottles being boiled and sterilized, ready for homemade products to be added.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask

At this point, anything that belongs in the kitchen has most likely been used to create a DIY beauty product on TikTok. With rice at the forefront of the DIY hair mask trend on Instagram, mayonnaise is the current craze on TikTok. Regular trailblazer Huda Kattan initially started the trend. Using ½ cup of mayonnaise, an egg, 2 tablespoons of honey and a whisk, Kattan creates "the most hydrating hair mask ever." The video has received 417K views and received almost 19K likes.

Several users have taken to the trend and recreated their own versions, with some adding additional ingredients known to make the hair extra silky such as coconut oil. However, others aren't even bothering with such extremes, simply taking a bottle of mayonnaise and squirting it across the ends of their hair.

The trend arguably is more hassle than it's worth, however, with those testing the hack flagging issues and warnings such as encouraging other users to wash the mask out with cold water, as hot water has caused the egg to cook in their hair, defeating the moisturizing aspect and instead causing a whole lot of mess. One user commented, "Okay, why does having healthy hair involve mixing the whole kitchen in your hair?" With that comment, the question ponders, how far will DIY beauty treatments go?

Passport Picture Makeup

Makeup tutorials for specific occasions have floated around the internet since the early days of social media. Even minor affairs are garnering detailed makeup tutorials. The latest mundane task getting a makeover is passport photo taking. The trend began when user @georgia.barratt posted a video of her passport images to the app; she is now so popular for the trend that her bio reads "passport girl, I guess."

So what is the new go-to passport makeup look? Consisting of matte foundation, well-concealed soap brows, golden brown eyeshadow, cat eyeliner, bold contour, and matte pink lips, the trend has received a mass of attention and recreations. Barratt's original video has received 14 million views and over 2 million likes.

Since the trend has gained traction, many users have created before-and-after videos, showing their outdated passport photos compared to their new ones in which the tutorial was followed. With the hashtag #passportphotomakeup housing 29.4 million views, it would seem Gen Z passport images have gained a permanent look.


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